Data and Privacy Policy

Sonic Alchemist is 100% offline, standalone, and does not collect any data from users. No third party including Sonomagic have access to or knowledge of the content you feed into the tool.
When you scan audio or video files, Sonic Alchemist writes a small database file locally on your computer. This database file remains private and accessible only by you. No data is added to any external library or dataset.
Sonic Alchemist does not share any data, logs, or information with third parties, including Sonomagic. All your creations and content stay confidential and solely with you.
No, Sonic Alchemist does not use AI or machine learning models connected to the internet. It employs various AI methods, including computer vision, audio analysis, smart relationships, and natural language processing, all of which are integrated offline. This approach ensures that your data remains private and secure, with no external data transmission or sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sonic Alchemist is not designed as a machine learning tool to automate the process of generating traditional sound designs. Its primary goal is to break creative habits and inspire sound designers to explore unique and unexpected combinations. While it won’t automatically generate conventional sound designs, it can be an excellent tool for adding motion, cloth, or sweetener layers by matching suitable sounds to the intensity of motion in your video clips. It encourages experimentation rather than replacing human creativity.

Sonic Alchemist focuses on experimentation and inspiration. It encourages users to try out unexpected sound combinations and break free from conventional approaches.

Embrace the spirit of experimentation! Try different passes with Events extracted from your video, using various materials like MOTION (whooshes) or DETAIL (foley). You can also import precise markers from your DAW and generate another pass with a different set of materials like IMPACTS. For more depth, consider using the Blank Slate mode to add intense drones or tones. Once done, bring all these elements together in your DAW project and listen to the results. Fill your timeline with ideas. Fast.
Ensure that Sonic Alchemist has the necessary permissions to write to ~/Documents/Sonic Alchemist/. Upon the initial launch, macOS might prompt you to grant access to your Documents folder. If you deny this request or encounter any restrictions, the software won’t be able to store settings, analyze video, scan SFX, or create sketches. In case you accidentally denied access or encountered any restrictions, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the software to provide the necessary permissions when prompted.
Absolutely! Sonic Alchemist is a powerful tool for all storytellers. It encourages creativity and allows professionals to explore new directions in their sound design process. The software’s unique approach can spark fresh ideas and lead to unexpected combinations. A bit like modular synthesisers in a musical context.

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