My name is Vytis Puronas, a sound designer and re-recording mixer from Vilnius, Lithuania, with 20 years in the film industry. As the founder of Sonomagic, I developed Sonic Alchemist from the ground up, understanding your concerns about machine learning, data privacy, and job security. Sonic Alchemist is crafted with these priorities at its core.

Ethical AI Development

Sonic Alchemist was not trained on existing works or datasets. Instead, it follows innovative paths inspired by human reactions and thought processes. This ensures that our technology respects creative integrity and avoids exploiting others’ creations.

Complete Data Privacy

Your data is your own. Sonic Alchemist operates entirely offline, ensuring no data is collected, transmitted, or shared with any third parties, including Sonomagic. This makes our software ideal for high-stakes projects with strict NDAs, as all your creative inputs and outputs remain securely on your computer.

Empowering, Not Replacing

Sonic Alchemist is designed to assist and inspire, not replace. By generating imperfect yet thought-provoking sketches, it helps you stay productive and human. Our tool enhances your creativity, encouraging experimentation and sharpening your skills, without taking over your role as the decision-maker.