Sonic Alchemist.

An experimental sound effects sketchpad that reacts to your video. Embrace the chaos.
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Ethical AI that doesn't feast on existing work

Departing from traditional machine learning concepts that exploit existing work, Sonic Alchemist draws inspiration from modular synthesizers and generative systems, encouraging free flow and exploration.

A habit-breaking audio augmentation tool

Sonic Alchemist is designed to inject spontaneity into sound design. It features a smart engine that reacts to video with its own unique logic, creating multitrack sketches that sync with on-screen motion in an unpredictable manner.

Click. Get inspired.

Import video, click "Generate Sketch", drag & drop it into your timeline.

1. Import

Let AI automatically extract Events from video and generate a list of sync points.

2. Generate

Sonic Alchemist will automatically trim, fade, timestamp and produce a foundational sketch for you to build upon. Imperfect, but inspiring.

3. Drag
and Drop

Drag and drop directly into your timeline. Pro Tools, Nuendo, Reaper, Resolve, Premiere are supported. Timestamped Broadcast Wave Files can be opened with any DAW or NLE.


Sonic Alchemist is a standalone application with direct drag and drop support for Pro Tools, Nuendo, Reaper, Premiere, Logic, Ableton Live, DaVinci Resolve, and many other popular DAW and video editing applications.

Pro Tools
DaVinci Resolve
Logic Pro

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